Top 5 Best Pump Bots To Use For Crypto Pump And Dumps 2021

I’ve been an avid crypto enthusiast for about 8 years now and often like to dip into journalism whether it’s reading or writing about it… so would like to think I’ve seen it all… ish. Something that tickled my fancy in the last few months has been pump bots — I did the obvious, jumped down a rabbit hole… lost a lot of money manually joining pumps and now here we are.

Pump and dumps are the fastest way to make a profit in the crypto world. Servers owners (usually Discord or Telegram) promote and gather thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of members to then set a date and time for a coin announcement. When the coin is announced, everyone buys and sells as fast as they can. Speed is the aim of the game here as pumps only last on average around 10 seconds. Now, organising pump and dumps is frowned upon (and possibly illegal depending on what country you are from) and could land the server owners in trouble. Taking part in pump and dumps is fine though. I don’t suggest organising your own.

It takes someone around 6 seconds to get in and out if doing it manually — this is a pain as you won’t be able to react fast enough if the price dumps, so when you do sell you will be making a loss… unless you are lucky.

Pump bots are starting to rise to glory through this though, boasting super-fast speeds (talking less than a second to buy and sell for you) and making sure their users are always profiting from pumps. The fastest bots enable their users to gain 400%+ profit within just a single second on some pumps. Here’s my list of the top 5 pump bots on the market at the moment (in my opinion and from experience):

  1. QuickPump (price: $45 — overall rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)
  2. PumpSniper (price: $449 — overall rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐)
  3. BeexBot (price: $1800 — overall rating ⭐⭐⭐)
  4. MoonShot.BOT (price: $350 — overall rating ⭐⭐)
  5. CryptShot (price: $500 — overall rating ⭐⭐)

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1. QuickPump (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

QuickPump launched in February but has already disrupted the bot market. Their bot has hands down the fastest buy and sell speed compared to the others (0.03 seconds to enter the market and 0.3 to get your OCO sell order placed if running on a VPS in Tokyo), not only this — the bot itself has by far the prettiest GUI you ever will see. QuickPump was created in C# so you won’t have to run it in a command prompt or burn your eyes out looking at ASCII art and bright pink fonts compared to other python bots on the market. It’s easy to use and the guys there are always on hand to answer my questions. They have over 200 customers now who have also turned it from more than just a bot server, it’s a thriving community full of helpful crypto traders too.

QuickPump also boasts trailing stop-loss (market and limit), auto coin-detection for picking up pre-pumps and entering when the admins do (without them knowing), and its flagship auto-OCO which allows its customers to pre-set their investment amount, target profit and stop-loss before the pump even starts. To top all this off is the automatic Discord scraping, as soon as a coin is announced, you don’t even need to type it — the bot will pick it up and enter for you until you have hit your desired profit. It can also scrape multiple Discord channels for when servers collaborate on pumps.

You can visit their website here.

2. PumpSniper (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

PumpSniper are relatively new on the scene. They have partnered with Crypto Pump Calendar (they are good mates with them/commission involved) so get heavily promoted through their Discord. From having a play with their bot I think it’s safe to say they are probably the 2nd fastest bot out there so hats off to them. Speed gained them 2nd in my eyes. The GUI is a bit dated but ok. You can visit their website here. Admins are also helpful.

3. BeexBot (⭐⭐⭐)

BeexBot has been around for ages, it looks nice GUI wise, easy to use and has a couple of nice features that some of the others don’t have. The price tag is a bit high if you are new to pumping though and the Discord server is somewhat discouraging as it’s pretty quiet. Not sure if the owner updates much but I know it works, is pretty fast and looks nice. Shame about the price. I haven’t personally tried this bot due to the price but have seen videos of it in action and it looks pretty swish. You can visit their website here.

4. MoonShot.BOT (⭐⭐)

Another new on the scene bot, have tried their bot out personally and can say it's probably the slowest out of all the bots on this list (sorry). Makes me think that they downloaded a free python bot and stuck their logo on the top and tried to sell it for more than it's worth. Interested to see how they evolve over time, if they do! They are pretty active in terms on announcements in their community though. Might be one to watch out for, might not. You can join their Discord here.

5. CryptShot (⭐⭐)

CryptShot is a weird one, the ex-owner spent a lot of time developing this bot then ended up handing it over to a moderator on their Discord (no idea why). Since then, their constant push for sales and secrecy has annoyed a lot of people and the Discord itself is very sales-focused. You aren’t allowed to ask questions in public but rather open a private ticket to get a lengthy and pushy sales pitch and to top that off, since the ownership of the bot has been transferred, updates and support have kind of fallen through the cracks. CryptShot was my first bot and once the main name of the bot market but now more, faster and prettier bots are popping up. CryptShots reputation is slowly but surely fading. The bot itself was actually good though so part of me is hoping they will eventually breathe some fresh air into it if they want to keep their customers. You can join their Discord here.

To conclude, bots can be confusing if you don’t know how to use cmd prompts. For that alone, I’ll point out QuickPump, Beex and PumpSniper as bots to explore. I thought I’d be fair to all the bots listed as I have spoken to some of their owners in their Discord servers and are all pretty nice guys (apart from a couple who just straight up banned me — not a nice way to treat your paying customers is it!). Can’t wait to see how all these bots develop or if they give in to QuickPumps' relentless improvements and lower their costs. Interesting times on the bot front that’s for sure!

My next article will be focusing on the different exchanges and the ones to watch out for and avoid (I’m coming for you KuCoin).


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